September Eats

So many delicious eats were had this month! The best part was that the delicious eats were made even more delicious with the great friends I am so blessed with.

1. Family came up to visit during Labor Day weekend, so we of course had to go to Tara’s for their black sesame cone. Pictured here with crème fraîche and strawberry.
2. Lindsey whipped up this fig & mascarpone tart like nobody’s business and we were so glad.
3. The Daily Method salad at Summer Kitchen Bakeshop was worth eating two Saturdays in a row, especially with old and new friends.
4. We tried to eat at 900 Grayson for brunch one Saturday but the line was 2 hours long…so we went to Pepples Donut Farm. So vegan, so good.
5. My dearest Diane brought home Plum Frangipane Tarts & Banana Cream Pie from Mission Pie for Ally and I.
6. Iana’s mother brought up the smallest and sweetest nectarines from their backyard tree. So fragrant and lovely!


Starting somewhere

I was tempted to just jump right in and go at it with this blog thing, but I think a little introduction is in order.

My name is Irene.
I’m skilled at toasting marshmallows over stoves.
Today I watched a leaf fall from a gnarly tree and hit the ground ever so gracefully.
I hail from Southern California, but am currently living in the Bay Area and falling in love with it more everyday.
I think blogs are great. And there are so many types of blogs! I hope this one can be categorized under whatever umbrella term encompasses food, clothes, design, music, writing, Jesus, friends, and flowers. Lifestyle? I don’t know. We’ll see what this evolves into.

Okay! Here we go!