Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats

Saying “boots and cats and boots and cats” doesn’t make you a legitimate beatboxer, but it is tons of fun and as boots are my favorite type of shoe, sometimes my beatboxes turn into “boots and boots and boots and boots.” One of my favorite parts about living in the Bay Area is the weather, and how it lets me wear boots year-long.

I’ve been feeling like I need some black boots up in my closet, so here are some that have been catching my eye lately…and of course, some cats, too.

CATS (though I’m just gonna have to put it out there and say I’m a dog person through and through. But cats can be cool)

This is August. She is my lovely friend Shira’s baby.

This is cat wallpaper. In case you ever need or want any.

Boots’ links:

1.2.3., & 4.


I would never actually be able to afford any of these boots. But, if any of you out there decide to start making excellently designed black boots at reasonable prices, do let me know! Shoe cobbler-ing is probably a hugely rewarding career.



  1. i can’t believe i just saw this post! shame on me! i’ve been dying for black boots too and going crazy looking for them… what a perfect post. you have such wonderfully great taste!

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