It’s so warm here

to golden gate park

Play Comme des Garçons striped t shirt / Yellow shorts / Kelsi Dagger ballet flat, $110 / Ymc , $100 / Ray-Ban eyewear, $190 / Kiehl’s lip care / Field Notes Original 80-Page Steno Book, $13 / Classic St Andrews Dam

I originally made this set thinking about a fun date at Golden Gate Park, but being home now in SoCal with this 75 degree weather makes me think this outfit makes much more sense here. My pale limbs are glad to see the sun! Wheewoo


Lately Listenings: Churches

Churches hail from Glasgow and though their second single was released only in September, they’re already rising in popularity. I first heard this song first on some XM radio station in Garrett’s car right as he was about to drop me off. As soon as it came on, he pulled over, turned on the emergency blinkers and announced that we were going to have a dance party. And what a dance party! Their electro-pop song, “The Mother We Share,” has beats you can’t help but move to. Take a listen and have your own dance party!


“Give thanks in all circumstances.”

Reflecting on thankulness, it’s amazing how suddenly your perspective changes from want to gratefulness. I’m thankful, thankful, thankful. For all that You have done, are doing, and will do.

Gifts for the Gent

gifts for the gent
Seeing as Thanksgiving is around the corner which means Christmas is around the other corner, I thought I could start a gifts series. The first one up, for the lucky gentleman in your life! Mine’s definitely a lucky one, even if none of these gifts actually make it under his tree due to a limited budget…but still! It’s the thought that counts, right?

Billykirk satchel bag  – A handsome leather bag that can be carried on his handsome manly shoulder to class, to work, on business trips.
Sigh No More – A vinyl of  a favorite album from one of our favorite bands, Mumford and Sons. (Also talked about here). Something about vinyl records that feel like real music, eh?
New Balance 574 In Blue – My man loves his New Balance sneakers, or NB as he likes to call them, and has worn them down to where it’s time for a new pair. I’m loving the brown suede-y details on these ones.
Timex Weekender In Olive – So, he’s a naturally punctual man, but how about a watch to make him a snazzy and even more naturally punctual man? I believe these Timex Weekender watches have interchangeable straps too, which could be fun to keep all them options open. Hot pink for the next purchase maybe.
Red Wing Shoes Mink Oil  – The cold and wet season’s coming, and this mink oil for leather shoes might be the perfect thing to keep your man’s kicks nicely smooth and waterproof. Plus, the packaging is too good.
Zebra Pen  – These last two gift ideas are related. Bring out that writer in him (aka get him to write you love poems) with these smooth pens that will have smooth words coming out from them to make you swoon.
Field Notes Steno – Take the words on the go and look good while doing it!

Scenes from the weekend

1. some birthday present wrapping 2. kirstie (birthday girl #1) pondering in our lovely apt 3. i am loving this new lipstick 4. ally and i attempted some asian birthday cake for kirstie. turned out a little dense, but still pretty tasty! we used this recipe 5. now onto birthday girl #2, we had waffles for birthday breakfast! topped with pears & blue cheese, apricot preserves, and some choco chips. 6. and then we had waffles in our birthday blanket fort!

It was a really great weekend. Celebrating other people’s birthdays is the best! Also, sorry the pictures are so small. They won’t come out any larger and I suspect it has to do with this layout. Poop!

I need Friday to come now please

black & white
Swamped in papers and such. Need the weekend, need freedom! It is so hard to be motivated when I know that I’ll be home soon for Thanksgiving break, and a hard dose of senioritis is definitely not improving the conditions either. Alas, alas! I am trudging around wearing none of the above, because when it’s paper-writing time, it’s also sweatpants/leggings-wearing time. But, I’d love to be wearing all the above come Friday! ! !
Also, a proper post that doesn’t include the babies of procrastination on Polyvore will come soon!

Cold and Bright

for everyday and anyday

It’s one of those chilly days where there’s a lot of sun but if you’re in the shade you freeze. So here’s an outfit to gear up for the bright cold day that is today!