Gifts for the Gent

gifts for the gent
Seeing as Thanksgiving is around the corner which means Christmas is around the other corner, I thought I could start a gifts series. The first one up, for the lucky gentleman in your life! Mine’s definitely a lucky one, even if none of these gifts actually make it under his tree due to a limited budget…but still! It’s the thought that counts, right?

Billykirk satchel bag  – A handsome leather bag that can be carried on his handsome manly shoulder to class, to work, on business trips.
Sigh No More – A vinyl of  a favorite album from one of our favorite bands, Mumford and Sons. (Also talked about here). Something about vinyl records that feel like real music, eh?
New Balance 574 In Blue – My man loves his New Balance sneakers, or NB as he likes to call them, and has worn them down to where it’s time for a new pair. I’m loving the brown suede-y details on these ones.
Timex Weekender In Olive – So, he’s a naturally punctual man, but how about a watch to make him a snazzy and even more naturally punctual man? I believe these Timex Weekender watches have interchangeable straps too, which could be fun to keep all them options open. Hot pink for the next purchase maybe.
Red Wing Shoes Mink Oil  – The cold and wet season’s coming, and this mink oil for leather shoes might be the perfect thing to keep your man’s kicks nicely smooth and waterproof. Plus, the packaging is too good.
Zebra Pen  – These last two gift ideas are related. Bring out that writer in him (aka get him to write you love poems) with these smooth pens that will have smooth words coming out from them to make you swoon.
Field Notes Steno – Take the words on the go and look good while doing it!

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