Nineties Parties

So. I finally got around to developing this disposable camera I got from Urban Outfitters (similar ones found here) for a friend’s 90s themed birthday party and oh man, the photos did not disappoint.


38750023Also, my full 90s get-up. Someone remarked that this looks like my normal outfits and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but either way, I enjoyed the dressing up! More costume parties, everyone! One from each decade each week!



Living Words | 1

I am going to stop with this scattered posting. I will commit to blogging more regularly because there is so much joy to be shared!

So. To keep myself accountable, I’m starting a weekly series called “Living Words,” where I’ll be taking some words or phrases that have been giving me lots of life and oomph lately and create a creative image/lettering project/something with it. I’ll keep it vague and open-ended like that for now, but I’m excited to challenge myself to create these on a consistent basis. There are certain words that do good for the soul and are always welcome reminders, and hopefully this project will be a way to remember those words. Any suggestions? And also, what are some words you’ve been really loving lately?



From Psalms 139:9-10. Photo of my sister taken by me on January 1st, 2013.