Living Words | 5

To celebrate Easter Sunday, another Living Words!


Even while on the plane, I can still rejoice, celebrate, and be glad! There is hope!


Packing for Japan (3)

A last ‘Traveling to Japan’ post before I leave! As you read this, I may be on ze plane! I’m definitely packing a pair of goes-with-everything boots, even though they might not be the most economical space-wise. It’s so worth it though because they are comfy, durable, and transition easily from day to night outfits. I’m also packing a parka because it also goes with everything and is great for layering. A fun patterned dress is another must! I think this particular one would look great against a backdrop of cherry blossoms, no?I have a couple of posts lined up for next week, but other than that, things might be a bit quiet on the blog front until I get back! I’m excited to share my travels!!

Living Words | 4


Good Friday. A day when 2,000 years ago, the skies went dark after a certain Man was hung on a tree. A day where I am reflecting on where the goodness was to be had on that dark Friday.

Photo by me a couple months back.

Scenes from the Weekend

I know it’s Thursday and therefore nearly the weekend, but I thought I’d share some photos from the past weekend. I went with Garrett to go visit his family in Fresno, and we included a small day trip to Yosemite. The weather was so lovely and it was a great way to kick off spring break!!


Went to a small flower shop on College and picked up the cheeriest bunch of ranunculus, which are some of my favorite flowers. Seriously, if flowers had personality, these just scream friendly.


While in Yosemite, we had some difficulty finding available picnic tables, but then realized that we were driving a picnic table! Garrett’s truck! Picnic table with the best view.  (Sidenote: Garrett has the uncanny ability to look really good in the most candid of moments. Maybe I’m biased though)


And here, a black and white in Yosemite as a tribute to Ansel Adams. The waterfall was breathtaking!


My dearest traveller friend, Diane, sent over some goodies before her internship with TIME Magazine ended. She’s off in Greece now, and her adventures leave us all green with envy…but I don’t mind receiving these pretty packages from around the world!

IMG_7025And lastly, Garrett and I trekked out to Amoeba and Rasputin in search of some vinyls to add to his growing collection. I picked out this live recording of Edith Piaf at the Olympic and listening to it while we cooked dinner was magical to say the least!

Packing for Japan (2) / Plane Necessities

Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun! Here are some airport/airplane necessities to make the long flight more bearable, but are versatile enough to be worn again throughout the trip.


1. A comfy sweater that isn’t too sloppy. This particular Barbour one is sold out but these knitted sweaters seem to be everywhere lately, so shouldn’t be too hard to find.
2. Okay maybe these aren’t the most necessary but…for when you get off the plane and need big frames to cover them eye bags (or red eyes if you’re flying overnight. Alright, I promise no more puns…for this post.) These ones are Illesteva Leonard Matte Wayfarers.
3. My lip savior. Vaseline has proved itself over and over, beyond Rosebud lip salve and even Kiehl’s lip care. Petroleum jelly sounds nowhere near as nice as shea butter or whatever else, but it is amazing and I am sticking to it.
4. My hair always gets crazy, static-y, and limp after a long flight and the beanie can do wonders. From American Apparel.
5. I’ve been coveting these headphones for a while now but can never bring myself to buy them. I’ll definitely be playing some HAIM , Rhye, and Daughter on the plane though. Find them here.
6. Can never get enough out of black jeans. I’ll wear my pair of BDG high waist stretch amazingness to infinity and beyond.
7. Easy to slip on and off shoes are important both for security lines, or if you’re like me and like to kick off your shoes when seated on the plane. Find these mocs here.
8. A passport. Yes. Very, very important.
9. Warm socks to keep the toes warm. My feet always freeze on planes! Found here.

Aside from these, of course there are other necessities like snacks, good reads, journal, and pen. Some books I’ll be bringing along: Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor, Tamar Adler’s Everlasting Meal, and Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping.

Meadows and Woods

Meadows and woods are where I’ve been recently frolicking, chasing some golden light and shooting photos of two lovely ladies, and also makes me think of Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart. Perhaps the next photoshoot location will be near some rivers and roads!


The first, my baby sister. Although she may not look like a baby, a baby she shall  always be to me. She asked if we could go adventure somewhere and take pictures, so we hiked up a big hill and were greeted with an amazing field scattered with blooming purple beauties.

Yes. She even brought a change of clothes. But the light was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and my sister is one photogenic beaut!


This one is of me. I’m wearing a Topshop skirt, Thrifted sweater and shoes, and nonchalantly holding my momma’s old straw hat.


Now these are from a fabulous Friday where Sarah from Wind&Joy, and I enjoyed a great afternoon doing yoga, eating sandwiches, and running through the forest with a Joseph-rainbow-coat-esque blanket. Sarah is one of the brightest souls I know and capturing her on camera only does slight justice to her radiance.


We got to the park a wee bit late and the sun set far too quickly, so we shifted from golden-gleeful shots to pensive-shrouded shots.

And lastly, Sarah reminds all of us of the great heights we can reach! Just gotta stretch and grow like them trees! These photoshoots are such marvelous fun because they also lead to more exploration and adventure of new places. Any recommendations for cool spots you like to frequent? I’d love to hear!

Packing for Japan (1)

easy traveling

My family and I will be going on a trip to Japan in less than a week and to say that I’m excited is an understatement. (! ! !) When thinking about traveling, one skill that I’d love to master is the art of packing. What’s best to bring, how to be most space efficient, how to keep variety in outfits…these are all questions that run through my head as I survey my closet and then glance at my unfortunately small and not-Mary-Poppins suitcase. Comfort, of course, will be the greatest objective and following in a close second is style. So far I’m thinking that versatile basics will be key, in easy to match and re-wear colors. I threw in some Commes des Garcon as a tribute to Japanese fashion, but as those are out of my budget, I’ll just pack my trusty Converse high tops.
I’ll also post several of these over this week featuring different outfit variations, so be on the lookout for them! Here’s to hoping that the cherry blossoms hold out til we make it there!

A Trip to the Lighthouse

A few weekends ago, Garrett and I celebrated a year of dating by doing a day trip up the coast to Marin County. We had been wanting to go see Pt Reyes Lighthouse for a while now, so we were both very excited and especially happy about the gorgeous weather that day, the sun a welcome companion as we drove through windy roads along the coast.


Got some awesome new Weck jars that I’ve been using as alternative tupperware. Packed some greek yogurt and blueberry mueli for brekafast on the go and it was marvelous eating it over the view of Muir beach.


Case in point! Spoons as victory utensils!


Wearing my newly thrifted Eddie Bauer parka complete with wool plaid lining. Perfect for a day exploring the windy coasts of NorCal, and yes I realize this is not the best picture at all to display it. But that water! Couldn’t turn away from it.


The lighthouse!!! Climbed quite a few steps to get down there, and I was clutching my phone in a death grip as I took these pictures for fear of the fierce wind. No whales to be seen, but just seeing endless mighty blue was a sight in itself. It was also crazy to learn about the stories of when the lighthouse was actually working, wowza!


All those stairs = gleeful pie eating from Bovine Bakery. This little beauty was an apple and raspberry number. My neon coral nails look quite lurid  compared to the rustic pie.


Apparently this is a popular place for people to come get their Instagram on, and Instagram I did, but I couldn’t help think that I had landed in the pages of Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro when Kathy, Robbie, and Ruth go trek out to see the abandoned boat. Sigh. So lovely and sad.


And last! We ended our day by celebrating with wonderfully fresh oysters from Tomales Bay. It was Garrett’s first time having oysters, but knowing that this was the man who claimed mirugai (giant clam in sashimi form) as his favorite dish one night, I knew his seafood love wouldn’t stop with these ocean critters.

If any of you are thinking of heading up the coast, I highly recommend all of our pit stops! We also made it out to Elephant Seal Beach, where apparently it was mating season, but unfortunately/fortunately all we saw were them napping. Kept it PG for this trip. We were graced with awesome weather with the skies clear and the sun bright all day, but I hear the weather can get pretty nastily cold. Either way, I think it is worth it. I am happy to have been your girlfriend for a year, Garrett! Whoop whoop!

Color Me: Primary


I saw Jessica Comingore’s post and realized that the primary tendencies are only too true. Looking back on the things that have been catching my eye, I see a distinct pattern of red, yellow and blue (muted and vibrant both). Something nice about going back to the basics–to those primal instincts, heh heh. My personal favorite of the batch is definitely the super cool Ruby Taylor piece, although I would be mighty happy if those Field Notes journals appeared on my desk one day, too.

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