Color Me: Blue

I’m getting ambitious and wanting to start yet another series. Things always seem to happen in patterns when they begin catching my eye, and more often than not, it’s around a certain color or color scheme.
So with that, here’s the birth of another series titled “Color Me:” ! Whoop!

Today’s centered around the color blue, because it’s Monday and some folks (i.e. me) are hit with a hard dose of the Monday blues. But! The color blue is in no way limited to being moody or depressing, as seen in the lovely grey-ish blues/deep denim blues below. (Fun fact: my wardrobe is 64% blue variations. That percentage is an estimate.)


1. currently impatiently waiting for my copy in ze mail, 2. how true this becomes more and more in my life. love’s tough because it goes beyond those bounds you set for yourself n other people! ok no more preaching. , 3. this sort of looks like my wardrobe, but mine’s much less cool , 4. i’ve been mm-ing and aah-ing over michael graydon for quite some time now. him and nikole are like beyonce and jay-z gone gastronomically rural.


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