Crazy Bread

I saw this on my google reader the other day, was mildly interested, but then dismissed it as having too many obscure sounding ingredients…until I found myself at the Berkeley Bowl, the great treasure trove of bulk bin goods. With psyillium husk at the reach of my fingertips, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and make this bread, something claimed to be  life-changing.

“Life-Changing Bread” can be a little wordy, although “LCB” sounds like a decent option. I’ve decided that this bread is to be called, now and forever from mine lips, “Crazy Bread.” Because it really is crazy. I felt like a crazy person stirring nuts and oats and many types of seeds in a cake pan (I don’t have a silicon loaf pan as the recipe calls for). How was it to turn into bread?? It looked like bird food + horse food AKA not human food. I didn’t even have coconut oil or ghee on hand so I used grapeseed oil–which is probably blasphemous. Crazy! So much crazy! Okay more crazy happened when I actually baked it, watched it come easily out of the pan as a big huge granola bar-y thing, ate it spread with grapefruit marmalade and almond butter, AND LIKED IT. Let’s not even talk about the crazy that happens because of all the high intensity fiber.

If you’re looking for some crazy in your life, especially around the bread spheres, I would say to try this! If also, you suffer from occasional to daily constipation, try this bread. Oops, TMI?



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