On the Table

Something lovely and intimate about snapshots of meals, either shared or eaten alone, no? I think these kind of shots are one of my favorite to take. Looking at these photos brings back memories about not just the food, but the conversation, the prep, and the lingering after dinner’s been eaten.


For a quick and easy lunch: a ribboned zucchini salad with pickled red onions and dried currants. & of course you can’t forget that generous sprinkling of parm! For me it’s like generous fistfuls.


To celebrate Chinese New Years, I made DIY spring roll wrap dinner (inspired by this post). I can elaborate more on the recipe if anyone would like, but I basically made sauteed enoki mushrooms, broccoli with sesame seeds, fried up some kimchi, marinated tofu in bulgogi sauce, and whipped up a fish sauce, sriracha, soy sauce, and agave dipping sauce. Okay that doesn’t sound too basic. But it is just a lot of random easy steps thrown together for a fun dinner time!


And Garrett’s turn in the kitchen: a Valentine’s breakfast featuring blueberry pancakes, mimosas, and Babel on the Crosley.


I was home in SoCal last weekend and I loved the way the remnants of breakfast looked, especially the melange of egg yolk with homemade strawberry jam. We also had a huge bag of Cara Cara oranges that we juiced into pulpy goodness–so, so sweet!

IMG_7082And lastly, dinner at home. My mom’s a culinary genius and made a huge spread of Japanese food. Not pictured: yamaimo salad w/ tobiko and nori & miso glazed black cod.


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