Let There Be Cake

I must tell you all something. There is a way baking and frosting cakes tickles my heart that no other baked good does. Or, maybe I have many ways my heart can be tickled by baked goods and I probably can say the same thing about just any sugary flour-y confection thing. But something about a cake, especially one that looks as good as it tastes, is particularly magnificent.

So here are some cakes of my creation from the past couple of months for various occasions (and can you tell which one I wasn’t able to get a proper picture of? And the one where I only just remembered to take it after two rounds of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and downing three glasses of milk?)


One: My sister insisted on having a rainbow cake for her birthday this year. Cue a chaos of crazy food dye getting everywhere and a tall cake that was doing like that tower in Pisa. But, it was very, very tasty and I frosted it with my signature mascarpone, cream cheese, butter, and honey frosting. I used this cake recipe.

Two: This was a cake made for the most darling, terrific party hosted by my dearest friend Isabelle. I later ended up putting a bunting cake topper on it, instead of the figs, but either way I think it looked pretty dang good. This was a brown butter cake with that same magic frosting. For this one, I used this recipe.

Three: I caved and got a Wilton pan of 12 mini bundt cakes because Amazon makes it way too easy to order random things. But! No regrets here because bundts are so fun and look like little UFOs. I cheated a little on these and used Trader Joe’s yellow cake mix (highly, highly recommend. So moist.) and folded in some Morello cherries in syrup (also found at TJ’s). Dusted with powdered sugar and we are good to go to space.

Four: Yes. This is the cake that I didn’t get to style prettily or use nice natural lighting for its picture. But it was still crazy good. I made this for Garrett’s birthday a while back. His favorite is anything peanut butter and chocolate, so I made a sour cream chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese peanut butter frosting + a peanut butter chocolate ganache to top it all off. Yes, I really went all out on that peanut butter + choco combo. Thank you, Smitten Kitchen, for making the best birthday cake for my boyfriend possible.


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