Lately Listening: HAIM / Foxygen

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I will compensate by putting two in one! Not the newest of the new, but definitely bright and shiny and incredible. If I could be in any girl band, I’d pick HAIM in a heartbeat. They’re a band of sisters, all with awesome names (Este, Danielle, and Alana) so I would have to change my name to something like Irena. Anyway. HAIM sort of reminds me of Michael Jackson because of their quick, crisply¬†annunciated diction but the similarities end there. Here’s one of my favorites by them:

One thing I love about their music videos (besides general styling of everything) is their triangle formation. Triangles are my favorite shape.

Okay, now Foxygen! I have less to say about them cause they’re more a recent find for me, but I am intrigued. I hear different things about them, but I am digging this song. I guess today’s Lately Listening posts both feature bands from California! West coast best coast, anyone?


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