A Trip to the Lighthouse

A few weekends ago, Garrett and I celebrated a year of dating by doing a day trip up the coast to Marin County. We had been wanting to go see Pt Reyes Lighthouse for a while now, so we were both very excited and especially happy about the gorgeous weather that day, the sun a welcome companion as we drove through windy roads along the coast.


Got some awesome new Weck jars that I’ve been using as alternative tupperware. Packed some greek yogurt and blueberry mueli for brekafast on the go and it was marvelous eating it over the view of Muir beach.


Case in point! Spoons as victory utensils!


Wearing my newly thrifted Eddie Bauer parka complete with wool plaid lining. Perfect for a day exploring the windy coasts of NorCal, and yes I realize this is not the best picture at all to display it. But that water! Couldn’t turn away from it.


The lighthouse!!! Climbed quite a few steps to get down there, and I was clutching my phone in a death grip as I took these pictures for fear of the fierce wind. No whales to be seen, but just seeing endless mighty blue was a sight in itself. It was also crazy to learn about the stories of when the lighthouse was actually working, wowza!


All those stairs = gleeful pie eating from Bovine Bakery. This little beauty was an apple and raspberry number. My neon coral nails look quite lurid  compared to the rustic pie.


Apparently this is a popular place for people to come get their Instagram on, and Instagram I did, but I couldn’t help think that I had landed in the pages of Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro when Kathy, Robbie, and Ruth go trek out to see the abandoned boat. Sigh. So lovely and sad.


And last! We ended our day by celebrating with wonderfully fresh oysters from Tomales Bay. It was Garrett’s first time having oysters, but knowing that this was the man who claimed mirugai (giant clam in sashimi form) as his favorite dish one night, I knew his seafood love wouldn’t stop with these ocean critters.

If any of you are thinking of heading up the coast, I highly recommend all of our pit stops! We also made it out to Elephant Seal Beach, where apparently it was mating season, but unfortunately/fortunately all we saw were them napping. Kept it PG for this trip. We were graced with awesome weather with the skies clear and the sun bright all day, but I hear the weather can get pretty nastily cold. Either way, I think it is worth it. I am happy to have been your girlfriend for a year, Garrett! Whoop whoop!



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