Meadows and Woods

Meadows and woods are where I’ve been recently frolicking, chasing some golden light and shooting photos of two lovely ladies, and also makes me think of Rivers and Roads by the Head and the Heart. Perhaps the next photoshoot location will be near some rivers and roads!


The first, my baby sister. Although she may not look like a baby, a baby she shall  always be to me. She asked if we could go adventure somewhere and take pictures, so we hiked up a big hill and were greeted with an amazing field scattered with blooming purple beauties.

Yes. She even brought a change of clothes. But the light was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and my sister is one photogenic beaut!


This one is of me. I’m wearing a Topshop skirt, Thrifted sweater and shoes, and nonchalantly holding my momma’s old straw hat.


Now these are from a fabulous Friday where Sarah from Wind&Joy, and I enjoyed a great afternoon doing yoga, eating sandwiches, and running through the forest with a Joseph-rainbow-coat-esque blanket. Sarah is one of the brightest souls I know and capturing her on camera only does slight justice to her radiance.


We got to the park a wee bit late and the sun set far too quickly, so we shifted from golden-gleeful shots to pensive-shrouded shots.

And lastly, Sarah reminds all of us of the great heights we can reach! Just gotta stretch and grow like them trees! These photoshoots are such marvelous fun because they also lead to more exploration and adventure of new places. Any recommendations for cool spots you like to frequent? I’d love to hear!


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