Packing for Japan (2) / Plane Necessities

Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun! Here are some airport/airplane necessities to make the long flight more bearable, but are versatile enough to be worn again throughout the trip.


1. A comfy sweater that isn’t too sloppy. This particular Barbour one is sold out but these knitted sweaters seem to be everywhere lately, so shouldn’t be too hard to find.
2. Okay maybe these aren’t the most necessary but…for when you get off the plane and need big frames to cover them eye bags (or red eyes if you’re flying overnight. Alright, I promise no more puns…for this post.) These ones are Illesteva Leonard Matte Wayfarers.
3. My lip savior. Vaseline has proved itself over and over, beyond Rosebud lip salve and even Kiehl’s lip care. Petroleum jelly sounds nowhere near as nice as shea butter or whatever else, but it is amazing and I am sticking to it.
4. My hair always gets crazy, static-y, and limp after a long flight and the beanie can do wonders. From American Apparel.
5. I’ve been coveting these headphones for a while now but can never bring myself to buy them. I’ll definitely be playing some HAIM , Rhye, and Daughter on the plane though. Find them here.
6. Can never get enough out of black jeans. I’ll wear my pair of BDG high waist stretch amazingness to infinity and beyond.
7. Easy to slip on and off shoes are important both for security lines, or if you’re like me and like to kick off your shoes when seated on the plane. Find these mocs here.
8. A passport. Yes. Very, very important.
9. Warm socks to keep the toes warm. My feet always freeze on planes! Found here.

Aside from these, of course there are other necessities like snacks, good reads, journal, and pen. Some books I’ll be bringing along: Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor, Tamar Adler’s Everlasting Meal, and Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping.


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