Scenes from the Weekend

I know it’s Thursday and therefore nearly the weekend, but I thought I’d share some photos from the past weekend. I went with Garrett to go visit his family in Fresno, and we included a small day trip to Yosemite. The weather was so lovely and it was a great way to kick off spring break!!


Went to a small flower shop on College and picked up the cheeriest bunch of ranunculus, which are some of my favorite flowers. Seriously, if flowers had personality, these just scream friendly.


While in Yosemite, we had some difficulty finding available picnic tables, but then realized that we were driving a picnic table! Garrett’s truck! Picnic table with the best view.  (Sidenote: Garrett has the uncanny ability to look really good in the most candid of moments. Maybe I’m biased though)


And here, a black and white in Yosemite as a tribute to Ansel Adams. The waterfall was breathtaking!


My dearest traveller friend, Diane, sent over some goodies before her internship with TIME Magazine ended. She’s off in Greece now, and her adventures leave us all green with envy…but I don’t mind receiving these pretty packages from around the world!

IMG_7025And lastly, Garrett and I trekked out to Amoeba and Rasputin in search of some vinyls to add to his growing collection. I picked out this live recording of Edith Piaf at the Olympic and listening to it while we cooked dinner was magical to say the least!


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