Tokyo Second Day



So many things to do and eat in Tokyo! I included some leftover pictures from the first day because I wanted to show you all the Tokyo Tower. The hotel where we stayed, the Prince Park Tower Tokyo, had an amazing view of the Tokyo Tower and the city lights at night were surreal, especially when coupled with a Shiso Ginger Mule and an Ume Cosmopolitan.

Our hotel also provided complimentary tea and yukatas in our rooms, and we enjoyed an afternoon of slow sippin on some genmai and resting to recover from all the walking we did.

Something you must eat a lot of whilst in Japan is the egg custard dish, chawan mushi. I think this is my favorite way to eat egg! I have no idea how its made so silky and soft, and there are always fun things inside of them. Like little shrimp, fish cakes, button mushrooms, and one time I even got a piece of mochi! So delicious. The one shown here is from our hotel breakfast buffet.

The proliferation of vending machines that offer a plethora of options is something me and my sisters really got a kick out of. The most fun ones are often in subway stations, and this one pictured here is at the Akabanebashi station (accessible through the Oedo line). It offered corn soup, so what could we do but pay the 150 yen and try it? It was very tasty and just like the Japanese corn soups we often eat at home.

In started raining in Tokyo the morning that we were leaving for Hakone, but even despite the dismal weather, Tokyo was still beautiful. It was fun to watch everyone in their variety of umbrellas commuting to work.

I realized I ordered the pictures a bit non-chronologically, but the last picture is of a menu at an Izakaya place in Nishi Azabu near Roppongi. I got the recommendation from a friend through a friend, and it was such a fun and tasty experience! The place is called Teyandei, and it is quite difficult to get to but if you give the address to the taxi driver, he should know where to go. It looks like somebody’s house, and there isn’t even a sign, so we hesitatingly walked up the stairs and in but were warmly greeted. My favorite dish of the night was this spicy cod roe, kimchi, nori, and udon dish. Perfect with the biru (beer) on tap. Here’s the address: Nishi Azabu 2-20-1 and phone is 03.3462.6411

Hakone will be next up in the Japan travel posts!



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