Oh, Kyoto



More lovely bento boxes. This one had many fun secrets to unwrap, like mochi and such in the little green leaf pockets! Kyoto is absolutely beautiful and I wish we had more time to see more of it. The first afternoon, we went on a whim to Nara, which is famous for its free roaming deer that will come eat crackers right out of your hand! The train ride over there was so magical. I love that the hangout spot for after school fun is in a vast field with cherry blossom trees.



Our second day was spent exploring some of the neighborhoods, as well as the famous temples and imperial palace. Can you believe that temple is made all out of gold?! Amazing. One of my favorite things about Kyoto was that everyone rode around on bikes, and my other favorite were the many canals lined with lovely trees. I spied many people having picnics along the water and I wish we had time to do the same!


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