Not Just Feeling Twenty-Two


I’m beginning to love Cinco de Mayo more and more. Birthdays are sometimes tough, because they’re ridden with high expectations to have a bomb-diggity day, and most often those expectations are entwined with a bit/in my case, alot of sneaky entitlement. But this year I have had such a blessed time celebrating. I celebrated with the beautiful friends that I am undeservedly blessed with, I celebrated with gusto because I am thrilled to be alive and well, I celebrated because I have been fortunate enough to see, hear, smell and know the beginnings of twenty-two. I felt free to celebrate because I’m realizing more and more that all that I have has been graciously given by a Father that loves so, so well.

Even though this picture is unflattering and my chin protrudes with a tad too much enthusiasm, I hope this is the posture I can take in many of the different transitions that will come this year. In unrelenting joy, in unabashed freedom, in true gratefulness. Thank you all, and all thanks to You!



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