To Half Moon Bay







Garrett and I took a day trip down to Half Moon Bay to do some birthday celebrating on Saturday. As you can see from the pictures, there’s a very drastic weather difference once you get close to the ocean and all this misty fog settles into the air, dimming the otherwise bright day. We explored Main Street, saw some peeping chicks (I hope I can have a chicken coop in my backyard one day!), bought some Apple Pie chocolate and Prosecco, ate fish n’ chips, hiked up the coast, and picked up some poppies.

It was a great, great day! Also, perhaps you are noticing something different about the photos? My parents generously gifted me with a new camera for my birthday/graduation gift and I’ve been having such fun testing it out! But I have so much to learn. Photography truly is an art that requires the skillz.



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