Lately Listening: Small Black/Gillian Welch

Yes. Two completely unrelated musical artists in one post, but I have perfect occasions for both to be playing with the volume waay up in the background.

Small Black’s No Stranger came on the radio while the 6:28pm sun was blinding us as we maneuvered the bumpy roads of Adeline and 61st.  The wind was sweet and warm, and Garrett and I were well into our first official day as “graduates.” It never felt more like summer than in that moment. They sort of have the same effect that Bombay Bicycle Club has except they would incur different types of dance moves methinks.

Okay here’s the curveball. Bluegrass, what?? Yes. See, on this same Monday evening, Garrett and I were driving to have dinner with our lovely friends Ryan and Colette (hey, you cool cats!). They always cook up some smashing lebanese meal–this night it was bottomless dolmas–and after we polish off the last bit of chocolate whoopie pie, etc. we begin the music-making. Last time, Ryan busted out his accordion and dang, that thing is heavy but crazy beautiful! Naturally, that was because we were doing some Beirut covers. But this time, we kept it more folksy, probably because Gillian’s sorrowful crooning was melting our bones during dinner. Seriously, I was surprised at how perfect this Appalachian music-inspired lady’s tunes were with our dinner and conversation. Give it a try!


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