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Reflecting on the reality of never-changing truths in the midst of much movement.


Casual Summerwear

Hello from Seoul! I appreciate that summertime dressing requires little effort because my brain gets muddled with all this heat and humidity. My daily uniform has basically been some variation of shorts, top, sandals, and sunglasses. Hope everyone’s been keeping cool!

Chicago Style

I finally got to visit my beautiful kindred spirit Diane in Chicago last week, and I was so happy to be reunited with her! We share many loves, one of being taking photos of each other. Haha! But really. I love taking photos of this girl because she just looks so great! Especially her style. For example:




I miss her already! Also, isn’t her bag so wonderful?! The color is gorgeous.
From the first outfit:
Shirt – Urban Outfitters
Pants – F21
Bag- Royal Republiq



And some shots of what I wore whilst in Chicago:
1. Skirt from Steven Alan, Frye boots
2. Madewell Shirt, J.Crew pants, and Marc by Marc Jacob bag.

Color Me | Yellows


Bright yellows always remind me of summer and are so great as an accent color in gray schemes. Here are some different yellows ranging from the more orange-y to the lime-y that have been inspiring me lately!

1.  , 2. , 3. ,  4. 

Oh My Gouache

I just can’t resist the puns. Especially when it comes to goauche, a medium I’ve been exploring more of lately. It works so well on kraft cardstock and I love how the colors turn out. Here are two different projects, one newer ,one older, that I did for gifts.


Some of my favorite gifts to receive/give are journals. I made this personalized one out of the Moleskine Kraft journals  (like these ones) for a dear friend.



This was a quick, random fun one I did exploring different color schemes and patterns. I’m still getting used to using gouache, but here’s to more practicing!

Lately Listening | Cool Covers by Cool Ladies

Recently, Garrett and I have been quite into awesome covers done by talented ladies like Ellie Goulding and Daughter. Here are two of our favorites!

I am truly impressed with this cover! Good one, Ellie. I’m a big fan of Alt-J (“triangles are my favorite shape” rings so true for my life!) and I’ve heard several versions of this song and Fitzpleasure, but I think Ellie’s is my favorite.

I love that Daughter’s cover brings in this interesting tone for this song, taking “getting lucky” to an ironic level. If you love Daughter, her cover of Perth/Ready for the Floor (GENIUS mash-up), might also tickle your fancy!

Hope you enjoy!

Summertime Funtime

Sorry for the absence on the blog! I’ve been mostly away from my computer the past week and a half due to some adventuring, but am glad to settle into a more quiet routine til the traveling craziness starts up again. I’ve got numerous projects up my sleeve I’m super excited about, but until I can show you those, here’s a photo from a camping trip I recently took with some dear beloved friends AKA the Game Crew. Yes. We play games together (think Settlers, Pinochle, etc.)