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Reflecting on the reality of never-changing truths in the midst of much movement.


Chicago Style

I finally got to visit my beautiful kindred spirit Diane in Chicago last week, and I was so happy to be reunited with her! We share many loves, one of being taking photos of each other. Haha! But really. I love taking photos of this girl because she just looks so great! Especially her style. For example:




I miss her already! Also, isn’t her bag so wonderful?! The color is gorgeous.
From the first outfit:
Shirt – Urban Outfitters
Pants – F21
Bag- Royal Republiq



And some shots of what I wore whilst in Chicago:
1. Skirt from Steven Alan, Frye boots
2. Madewell Shirt, J.Crew pants, and Marc by Marc Jacob bag.

Color Me | Yellows


Bright yellows always remind me of summer and are so great as an accent color in gray schemes. Here are some different yellows ranging from the more orange-y to the lime-y that have been inspiring me lately!

1.  , 2. , 3. ,  4. 

Oh My Gouache

I just can’t resist the puns. Especially when it comes to goauche, a medium I’ve been exploring more of lately. It works so well on kraft cardstock and I love how the colors turn out. Here are two different projects, one newer ,one older, that I did for gifts.


Some of my favorite gifts to receive/give are journals. I made this personalized one out of the Moleskine Kraft journals  (like these ones) for a dear friend.



This was a quick, random fun one I did exploring different color schemes and patterns. I’m still getting used to using gouache, but here’s to more practicing!

Lately Listening | Cool Covers by Cool Ladies

Recently, Garrett and I have been quite into awesome covers done by talented ladies like Ellie Goulding and Daughter. Here are two of our favorites!

I am truly impressed with this cover! Good one, Ellie. I’m a big fan of Alt-J (“triangles are my favorite shape” rings so true for my life!) and I’ve heard several versions of this song and Fitzpleasure, but I think Ellie’s is my favorite.

I love that Daughter’s cover brings in this interesting tone for this song, taking “getting lucky” to an ironic level. If you love Daughter, her cover of Perth/Ready for the Floor (GENIUS mash-up), might also tickle your fancy!

Hope you enjoy!

Summertime Funtime

Sorry for the absence on the blog! I’ve been mostly away from my computer the past week and a half due to some adventuring, but am glad to settle into a more quiet routine til the traveling craziness starts up again. I’ve got numerous projects up my sleeve I’m super excited about, but until I can show you those, here’s a photo from a camping trip I recently took with some dear beloved friends AKA the Game Crew. Yes. We play games together (think Settlers, Pinochle, etc.)