City Squares| Cambridge Part 1


Finally am getting around to having a proper Cambridge photo update! I was quite surprised when I first got here, as it was a much larger town that I expected. There are lots of people here! Tourists stand agape at Kings College, locals zip around on their bikes, and summer students rush to and fro from class to class. And though the hustle n bustle is fun, I love this town in the quieter moments: buying some goodies at Marks & Spencers, lingering at each stall in the Market Square, seeing ducklings on my morning runs, and walking through the small alleys barricaded with brick walls. Here are some favorites so far:

1. Cambridge Wine Merchants. Bought lovely bottles of mead and port here. If you’re a student, you get an automatic 5% discount, but you can take a gamble and potentially get 10% off (or 0%) if you answer a trivia question correctly. I’m happy to announce that we got the 10%!
2. Runs to Grantchester. You have to watch out for big hunks of cow poo, but other than that, there are great trails!
3. Punting from Kings College. Who knew punting would be a total-body workout? We went as a group of mostly first-timers, so we ended up with willow leaves in our hair and some scathing looks from other punters, but all in all a jolly good time!
4. Providence, a small shop near the Cambridge Union Society which has a lovely collection of leather fly swatters, persian rugs, and assorted door knobs.

I will definitely be back with more, as I am so fortunate as to spend a whole month more here, wahoo!


Whilst in Cambridge

Today is the hottest day in the UK recorded in 7 years! I thought I would get the full English summer experience complete with scattered rain, but it looks like LA summer weather has just followed me here. Nevertheless, I appreciate how many of the locals still manage to look put together and chic as they ride around on their bikes. I had to include a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag into this set, of course, as well as a nice dog-eared copy of Macbeth. My Shakespearean drama course will start next week and I’m so excited for it! Watching Macbeth at the Globe last night got my nerdy adrenaline running for more Shakespeare fun. Hope everyone’s staying cool as cucumbers!

City Squares| London Part 1


Oh, London! How bustling, how large! SO many things to see and do that our weekend getaway to London barely scratched the surface. We walked and walked and walked, covering neighborhoods like Bloomsbury, Soho, Leicester Square, East London, Notting Hill, the Strand…and still! I’m left with wanting to explore and adventure even more. London is grrreat. Also! Thanks to, we were able to find great treasures in East London.

Some favorites:
– the cappucino at Ozone Coffee Roasters
– Columbia Road Flower Market
– Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House (where we saw that magnificent Manet) + Lianne La Havas after
– Eating takeaway from Kimchi and Wasabi in Soho Square

Heading back to London this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have more fun squares!

City Squares| Edinburgh

I always find it difficult to manage both iPhone photos and DSLR photos, but I think I have found a solution! I will post iPhone photos via this grid format for the various trips taken while abroad, and I’m already excited about it! I love things in gridded form. Some of these were Instagrammed, others not, but here’s a short summary of my four days in Scotland:


Oh man, it was a jam-packed four days. Richmond castle and Fountains Abbey were pit stops to and from Scotland, but we spent most of our time in Edinburgh once we got to Scotland.

I loved the National Gallery (still can’t believe it’s all free admission!) where I gazed with wonder at a Seurat painting that particularly caught my heart, enjoyed the unusual cuisine (haggis = sheep stomach, neeps = turnips, and tatties = potatoes), and picnic-ed on a fine piece of grass. We all somehow had brought our sketchbooks, so we got to pen some of the sights down on paper, too. And there was quite a bit of hiking involved! My thighs and glutes felt the burn often! We climbed Arthur’s Seat to catch the last bit of sun, then trekked out to Trossachs National Park the next day. Of the many glorious memories some of my favorites were:

1. Getting our jiggy on at The Jazz Bar, where The Katet performed into the wee hours of the morning.
2. More dancing at a traditional Scottish dance party, called a Ceilidh.
3. Reading all the loving scribbles left by Harry Potter lovers at Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote the first bits of the HP series.

At the end of the trip, I felt like there was still so much to see and do! But until next time, Edinburgh! Cheers!

Greetings from Cambridge!

Apologies for the quiet on the blog front lately. I am finally nested in Cambridge for the summer, and just got back from Edinburgh for a weekend trip! I still catch myself wondering if this is all really happening, as the sultana scones for afternoon tea, glorious stained glass windows in chapels, and the windy cobble-stoned streets all seem too good to be true. I will probably be taking a shift from my usual posts and update more on life at Cambridge, including travel posts because I plan to take many weekend visits!

Here’s a taste of photos to come:


This was at Loch Lomands in the Trossachs National Park. I’m hunching amongst the briars, avoiding the sheep poop at all costs. But! That view! Crazy beautiful, no??