City Squares| Edinburgh

I always find it difficult to manage both iPhone photos and DSLR photos, but I think I have found a solution! I will post iPhone photos via this grid format for the various trips taken while abroad, and I’m already excited about it! I love things in gridded form. Some of these were Instagrammed, others not, but here’s a short summary of my four days in Scotland:


Oh man, it was a jam-packed four days. Richmond castle and Fountains Abbey were pit stops to and from Scotland, but we spent most of our time in Edinburgh once we got to Scotland.

I loved the National Gallery (still can’t believe it’s all free admission!) where I gazed with wonder at a Seurat painting that particularly caught my heart, enjoyed the unusual cuisine (haggis = sheep stomach, neeps = turnips, and tatties = potatoes), and picnic-ed on a fine piece of grass. We all somehow had brought our sketchbooks, so we got to pen some of the sights down on paper, too. And there was quite a bit of hiking involved! My thighs and glutes felt the burn often! We climbed Arthur’s Seat to catch the last bit of sun, then trekked out to Trossachs National Park the next day. Of the many glorious memories some of my favorites were:

1. Getting our jiggy on at The Jazz Bar, where The Katet performed into the wee hours of the morning.
2. More dancing at a traditional Scottish dance party, called a Ceilidh.
3. Reading all the loving scribbles left by Harry Potter lovers at Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote the first bits of the HP series.

At the end of the trip, I felt like there was still so much to see and do! But until next time, Edinburgh! Cheers!



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