City Squares| Cambridge Part 1


Finally am getting around to having a proper Cambridge photo update! I was quite surprised when I first got here, as it was a much larger town that I expected. There are lots of people here! Tourists stand agape at Kings College, locals zip around on their bikes, and summer students rush to and fro from class to class. And though the hustle n bustle is fun, I love this town in the quieter moments: buying some goodies at Marks & Spencers, lingering at each stall in the Market Square, seeing ducklings on my morning runs, and walking through the small alleys barricaded with brick walls. Here are some favorites so far:

1. Cambridge Wine Merchants. Bought lovely bottles of mead and port here. If you’re a student, you get an automatic 5% discount, but you can take a gamble and potentially get 10% off (or 0%) if you answer a trivia question correctly. I’m happy to announce that we got the 10%!
2. Runs to Grantchester. You have to watch out for big hunks of cow poo, but other than that, there are great trails!
3. Punting from Kings College. Who knew punting would be a total-body workout? We went as a group of mostly first-timers, so we ended up with willow leaves in our hair and some scathing looks from other punters, but all in all a jolly good time!
4. Providence, a small shop near the Cambridge Union Society which has a lovely collection of leather fly swatters, persian rugs, and assorted door knobs.

I will definitely be back with more, as I am so fortunate as to spend a whole month more here, wahoo!



  1. these pieces of your experiencing europe – the bustling and the settling, loving and taking it all in – you are now my faraway irene dream and i lueoeuve that you’re documenting it all so well in this blog! ❤ ❤ ❤

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