Mia + Tim Wedding Invitations!

Super excited to finally share this project! My beautiful cousin/basically sister is getting married and I had the honor of doing her wedding invites (and her Save the Dates!). All she asked for was “very simple and rustic,” so I had a lot of creative wiggle room. I made a logo for them first, complete with ears of wheat because they are getting married on a ranch, and then the rest just followed. This was my first time designing wedding invitations and it was so, so fun! And now, on to other bridesmaid duties like planning her bachelorette party…




For other freelance graphic designing inquiries, you can email me at irenekly.blog@gmail.com!


Haiku Fridays | 12


Goodbye dear Cambridge!
Too much to express, so I’ll
just attempt “thank you.”

City Squares | York


I’m so behind on these City Squares! But I’ll do my best to catch up (London/Cambridge part two, and Paris!) This day trip to York happened a good three weekends ago, and even though it was just for a day, it was a splendid little town to visit. So much history to the place! My favorites:

1. Walking along the city walls. This town is like one giant fort!
2. The National Railway Museum, which is apparently the biggest in the world and free. There was typography inspiration galore here.
3. The gorgeous York Minster, where a gothic architecture fanatic will feel like they are at their own version of Disneyland.
4. Hokey Pokey ice cream!! It’s an amazing flavor combining honey comb, toffee, and vanilla. I think this needs to make its way over to America, please!

City Squares | Venice & Udine


No words for Italy! Okay, actually many words. Beautiful, magical, breath-taking, etc. A bit comical, how often my mouth formed “oooh’s” at how lovely everything was. Venice is so picturesque, and it truly was like getting lost in a Narnia/Renaissance time warp, where there are no honking cars, but just windy alleys, canals, and boats. I’m already itching to go back, but this time with my family and Garrett in tow! Some of my favorite memories:

1. Our first meal in Italy. Malerie and I went to different vendors at the Rialto Market, picking out grapes, tomatoes, and watermelon slices, then a cheese shop, bakery, and butcher, to have a delicious picnic feast on a dock overlooking the Grand Canal. Best burrata and tomatoes I’ve ever had!
2. San Polo and Dorsoduro neighborhoods in Venice. At some moments, it was completely empty and quiet, which added even more to the magic and charm of Venizia. Had a most amazing lunch in a restaurant in Dorsoduro, where I had the most incredible vongole!
3. Riding the vaporettos, or the water taxis. The perfect (and cheaper) way to ride along the Grand Canal!
4. Udine. An instagram of mine was picked as an Editor’s Choice for Everlane’s #whereitravel series. (Here!) What a huge honor! Here’s the story I sent over to one of the editors on Udine, and my photo:

“The photo was to commemorate the incredible time I had in Udine, a tiny town in Northern Italy just a two-hour train ride from Venice, where we were visiting for the weekend. I had never even heard of Udine until my traveling companion suggested we visit his friend, Daniele, who was home for the summer. They had met during French school in Lyon, so most of our conversations consisted of a fun amalgamation of French, Italian, and English. Daniele, in true form of Italian hospitality, took us to a town-wide party celebrating everyone born in a year ending with the number three. We came famished, but left happily full of the overflowing prosecco, honey grappa, grilled polenta, and delicious pollo. We even got our dancing shoes on, shimmy-ing and shaking with locals young and old, thanks to the live band playing everything from Italian folk songs to David Guetta. The Italians know how to celebrate! Come 2AM, we were exhausted and ready to head back home, but some shooting stars decided to make an appearance, making an amazing night even better. Needless to say, Udine was enchanting.”

Arrivederci, Italy!

Beirut- Venice

Wanted to have a quick outfit post lined up while I am off traversing to Venice! It is going to be hot, hot, and hot, so I don’t actually have any jeans packed, but here’s what I would’ve worn if it were in the nice mid-70s! I will be back, belly rotund from prosecco and pasta, and camera memory card full of hopefully good photos! Arrivederci!

City Squares | Amsterdam



I am still so sad that we only got to spend a day-ish in Amsterdam. Such a beautiful, fun city with so much to see and do. I was surprised, given Amsterdam’s more well-known vices, that there was actually plenty to experience outside of that. Although we only got to go to one museum, I hear they are all amazing! I’m itching to go back already and visit Anne Frank’s house, rent some bikes, go to the Rijksmuseum, and take a boat tour along the canals.

My favorites:
1. the Van Gogh Museum! What an incredible collection of his works! (also, near this museum is a small stand where they sell waffles. Those were so, so delicious!)
2. the Sunday market, where we picked up some apricots, strawberries, and roasted cornish hens and had a feast beside a random canal.
3. Gouda cheese samples from any cheese store! It was great fun, also, to be taught the proper pronunciation of ‘gouda’
4. Dutch pancakes. I don’t quite recall the name of hte place we had our pancakes, but heard really good things about this place. Poffertjes are baby puffy pancakes and they are a must-try!

City Squares | in Belgium



I came to Belgium hungry and ready to eat all its delicious carbs (waffles, beer, frites), but not really knowing too much of its culture otherwise. I didn’t know until two weeks ago that there was a royal family, didn’t know what Flemish sounds like, and was unaware that mussels and fries is the pairing to try when in Belgium! We went to Bruge/Brugge first, which is a lovely and quaint little town filled with funny rooftops that look like steps and small canals with. We used these handy map guides (http://www.use-it.travel/home) and lucked out with picking great places to eat! Then we headed to Brussels for a day, where we walked and walked to see most of the city in under 9 hours. Brussels definitely had more quirks than Brugge! Famous baby boy peeing statue, for example? So odd.

Favorites from Belgium:
1. That there are so many languages everywhere! One of our waiters where we enjoyed the mussels and fries can speak 5 languages! Dutch, French, Italian, English, and Flemish.
2. Liege. Waffles. Amazing, yeasty, chewy glorious things! With sugar pressed inside to create delightful crisp edges of just the right amount of sweet. Ugh, I love them so much!!
3. Balls & Glory, a tiny yet fun and attractive meatball restaurant in Brugge. They were giant meatballs of pork and veal filled with herbed cream and served on top of either tabouleh or mashed potatoes. There was one guy running the whole place, and he told us that all the meat comes from his friend’s grandparent’s farm!
4. The view all along the walk to St. James church in Brussels. So much gorgeous architecture!

P.S. I cheated a little on this City Squares and didn’t use solely iPhone photos, because I kept forgetting to take good ones!


Color Me | Patterns


Patterns and prints have been on my mind lately, especially colorful ones. These citrus-y patterns are just so cheery and fun, I’d love to hang some of these on my wall or have them as gift wrap!

1. , 2. Leah Woodpecker , 3. , 4.  Allegro con Brio by Imogen Heath