City Squares | in Belgium



I came to Belgium hungry and ready to eat all its delicious carbs (waffles, beer, frites), but not really knowing too much of its culture otherwise. I didn’t know until two weeks ago that there was a royal family, didn’t know what Flemish sounds like, and was unaware that mussels and fries is the pairing to try when in Belgium! We went to Bruge/Brugge first, which is a lovely and quaint little town filled with funny rooftops that look like steps and small canals with. We used these handy map guides ( and lucked out with picking great places to eat! Then we headed to Brussels for a day, where we walked and walked to see most of the city in under 9 hours. Brussels definitely had more quirks than Brugge! Famous baby boy peeing statue, for example? So odd.

Favorites from Belgium:
1. That there are so many languages everywhere! One of our waiters where we enjoyed the mussels and fries can speak 5 languages! Dutch, French, Italian, English, and Flemish.
2. Liege. Waffles. Amazing, yeasty, chewy glorious things! With sugar pressed inside to create delightful crisp edges of just the right amount of sweet. Ugh, I love them so much!!
3. Balls & Glory, a tiny yet fun and attractive meatball restaurant in Brugge. They were giant meatballs of pork and veal filled with herbed cream and served on top of either tabouleh or mashed potatoes. There was one guy running the whole place, and he told us that all the meat comes from his friend’s grandparent’s farm!
4. The view all along the walk to St. James church in Brussels. So much gorgeous architecture!

P.S. I cheated a little on this City Squares and didn’t use solely iPhone photos, because I kept forgetting to take good ones!




  1. thanks to your post, now I miss Brussel and its waffle and pommes frites so much…nice post! hope I can visit Belgium again soon.

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