City Squares | Paris


It’s a little crazy, how quickly and deeply I fell in love with Paris. For all the hype/literature/cinema/everything that is always said about Paris, I thought my high expectations would surely not be met, but I’m so glad they were and more! It helped that a certain gentleman, fresh baguette in hand, was waiting to meet me at a small park in Montmarte after two months of being apart. Exploring Paris with Garrett and our friend Michael, and other wonderful friends was surreal and it made the entire weekend that much more special. I’m already scheming as to how I can get back to this incredible city ASAP, and I have Marais at the top of my list for neighborhoods to explore. Some favorites (although actually everything was my favorite):

– Rue de Montorgueil. A lovely street lined with fromageries, boulangeries, patisseries, and so much more that I didn’t get to quite explore as we were pressed for time. This article was very helpful though!
– Picnic-ing at the Versailles gardens, complete with the stinkiest of cheese, a bottle of rosé, and huge baguettes. We might have also had an obnoxious dance party to some Phoenix to aid in digestion…
– Strolling along the Seine, which was even more beautiful than I imagined. There was also an interactive portion, with a giant chalkboard, fun games and maps painted on the cement, and pop-up restaurants/cafes that made the Seine a bustling, fun place to be on Saturday evening.
– Le Marais! I only got a tiny glimpse of this neighborhood, but the falafels, cool bar/bookshop, and other little shops I sorely wish we could’ve popped into, made me determined to go back next time when in Paris.
– Musee de Orsay. They had an awesome temporary Fauvist exhibit, but the Impressionist Gallery took my breath away 10+ times. Renoir! Manet! Monet! Degas! SO much beauty!!! Even though we got to enter the Louvre for free (after 6pm on Friday nights for 26 and under), the Orsay was my hands down favorite.

Paris, you’ve stolen my heart! ‘Til next we meet!


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