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Happy Monday! If you remember this Paris post, a nice looking magazine first made its appearance into my photographs, where I unabashedly displayed my penchant for arranging aesthetically pleasing things. I also mentioned exploring Artwords Bookshop in the previous London post, as well as the poor state of my wallet afterwards. These beautiful magazines are the wonderful culprit, but I have no regrets as I’ve been so inspired by the writing and photographs within the pages of the Travel Almanac, The Gourmand, and Hole and Corner. Here are documentations from the circumstance in which I read each journal and my favorite quote from each:


This was taken as I was sadly packing to leave beloved Cambridge. I did a similar post like this about my airplane necessities from when I went to Japan (here) but this is the live version!

Ned Beauman, on his developing love for all things gastronomical – “Recently I went to a restaurant and had ‘ama-ebi, smoked lime yogurt, radish, and bee pollen.’ That’s the point when you look at the menu, and think that, yes, we are witnessing the decadent phase of our civilization. But then it’s unfair to single out food, because everything I do in my life is representative of that. It’s not like anything else I do is more ‘real.’ My whole lifestyle is decadent!”


And this one taken a couple days afterwards, when I was so jet-lagged but so determined to fight it.

Ella Carstairs, on her straw museum- “There is so much to see here. The rice straw from the Far East. Wild oats, which are her favorite ‘because the colour is so soft–and it’s long.’ A doll’s house entirely made of straw. A Tutankamun. Everyone’s seen a corn dolly but have they seen a bodice made of crocheted straw thread? ‘Everybody thinks all you do with straw is make corn dollies. It’s the most peculiar thing!'”

And my favorite quote from Travel Almanac:

Carsten Höller – “I think [traveling] makes you a foreigner to yourself, it gives you a certain distance. It’s almost like taking you out of your comfortable way of sitting in yourself. This might give you the opportunity to see yourself differently–possibly.”

After reading these three, I just wonder and marvel at how many magazines out there that I’ve never heard of or seen! (And I’m a little thankful, cause then my wallet would be extra sad and skinny.) But I’d love to hear any recommendations!


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