Leeks (& Lykke Li)

The glorious bounty that comes with Fall makes me want to do a jig of joy. Yes, squashes and apples are wonderful, but the two that make my heart sing are leeks and persimmons. I haven’t done a cooking post in a while so thought I’d feature a most delightful dinner I had a couple nights ago. And, because I was thinking about the word “leek” a lot, some Lykke Li seemed fitting as the chosen culinary musical accompaniment. (This song, specifically.)

I’ve been touting this word, “bricoleur,” around to the bemusement of friends, but it truly defines the way I prefer to do my cooking. And many other creative endeavors, for that matter. I make things with whatever happens to be available around me and judiciously throw things together. And that is how this leek-y dish was born!


Apologies for the terribly wrinkled linen. Hopefully that nice wooden spoon is successfully distracting!

In the fridge: leftover anchovy + dashi stock, already chopped leeks + shallots, and some springy dino kale. In the cupboard: somen noodles. Leeks are so sweet and good on their own that I just let them do their own thing in a pan with some shallots, then spruced up regular kale chips by adding an ever so thin drizzle of sesame oil. I added some memmi soup base to the stock, soft-boiled an egg, chopped up some kimchi and shazam, a new Fall-favorite dish was born! So easy and so good.



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