Roasted Strawberry Scones (& English Habits)


Found myself subconsciously recreating an English cream tea for breakfast one morning, complete with clotted cream a friend procured for me. I miss the UK! Also, I wish I learned how to make proper tea. Anyway. Due to a surprising abundance of the sweetest smelling (and tasting) strawberries at the farmer’s market,  Sunday afternoon led to googling  “roasted strawberry scones.”  I settled on this recipe  because I strongly believe the British do scones best, especially when you want to enjoy some with a cup of Lady Grey (the enamel cup pictured here is actually from Cambridge!).

Mine turned out a little more moist than expected, maybe because I switched milk with buttermilk. I also definitely struggled with measurement conversions but hey, thanks again, Google! Either way, these are delicious and make any morning or afternoon much more enjoyable. I was almost transported to those leisurely afternoons in Grantchester, surrounded by apple trees and raucous conversation spurred on by the caffeine from tea and carbs from scones. Thanks for the recipe, The British Larder!


Flowers in Our Hairs


My wondrous bosom friend Becky and I embarked on a most fun adventure on Monday: floral wreath making! Made a stop at the SF Flower Mart, where we ruminated on which blooms and boughs would be best to fashion into wreaths. We settled for a good variety of budded eucalyptus, pink pepper branches, Cafe Au Lait dahlias, the mysterious blue flowers which I’ve sadly forgotten the name of, and picked up some floral wire.

While I was still in the middle of making my first wreath,  I looked over at Becky to see that she’d already made and donned this marvelous creation! She’s a floral genius! I love that her wreaths retain the natural, slightly erratic shape of the blooms and sprigs, yet work so well on top of her lovely head. Here are some of her masterpieces:



Very Frida Kahlo, no?


This one makes me giggle, hehe. All in all, a great day spent putting nature in our hair!


Haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I thought I’d share the muted tones that have been on my mind lately. I’ve been trying to live more simply these days (which basically means less clutter, less need of more stuff) and perhaps that’s why I’ve been drawn to monochromatic schemes. Though I can’t deny that pop of color which always seems to complete things!

Bringing Kinfolk to My Table


As I carried  a package containing a particular cookbook home, I was surprised  and delighted that it was so heavy. Kinfolk’s new cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, is what I expected in terms of beautiful photos, recipes, and design, but I didn’t expect its length and how much fun it would be reading the many stories of inspiring and creative individuals. Whilst I pored over the recipes, one in particular caught my eye because almost everything on the ingredients list was in my fridge at that very moment! I bookmarked it for lunch the next day and thus, the first of many dishes–the sweet potato hash from the Sussman brothers–born from this cookbook graced my table.


It’s a straightforward recipe with many highly compatible ingredients like sweet potatoes, corn, heirloom tomatoes, and the always-perfect topping of an egg. I didn’t have any onions so substituted leeks, and added tons of cilantro instead of parsley. This is such a good dish for a filling, healthy lunch, but also one that I would be proud to bring to a brunch potluck. I’m itching to try the other recipes (tea poached salmon!) with friends! Thanks, Kinfolk, for this lovely book of delicious treasures.

Mia + Tim Continued

Thought their gorgeous wedding is now long past, I finally got around to shooting some of the other fun elements I designed for Mia and Tim’s special day. One of the special touches at their reception was having a s’more pit, where friends and family gathered around for gooey, sweet fun and afterward could take home a s’more kit as a wedding favor! S’more love, indeed.





P.S. Had to go flower-hunting for this shoot, which happily led me to the Oakland Flower Market! Dangerous to be living so close to it, but I sense some future flora-related endeavor containing the word “wreath.”

Eat, See, Make, Wear | Goldenrod

I was going to do a regular “Color Me” post themed with goldenrod to ring in October, but the collection of images I found had such a fun theme that I decided to make a spinoff from the regular series. Here’s some Fall color inspiration of things to eat, see, make, and wear!


1.  City logos. I’ve been thinking about doing something with all the different cities I’ve visited this past year, and I love this particular one.

2.  Mm homemade pumpkin butter. ‘Twould be so tasty generously spread atop some crusty bread.

3.  So I actually don’t know where this man is, or where he’s headed but I’d sure like to be there! Flowery prairies and mountains sound pretty good to me.

4.  Love this color combo in outfits! I wish I knew what collection the photo was originally from, though. 😦

(I know it’s sometimes hard to distinguish links from regular text due to the sad constraints of preset WordPress themes, but credits are linked through the numbers. Happy goldenrod-ing!)