Eat, See, Make, Wear | Goldenrod

I was going to do a regular “Color Me” post themed with goldenrod to ring in October, but the collection of images I found had such a fun theme that I decided to make a spinoff from the regular series. Here’s some Fall color inspiration of things to eat, see, make, and wear!


1.  City logos. I’ve been thinking about doing something with all the different cities I’ve visited this past year, and I love this particular one.

2.  Mm homemade pumpkin butter. ‘Twould be so tasty generously spread atop some crusty bread.

3.  So I actually don’t know where this man is, or where he’s headed but I’d sure like to be there! Flowery prairies and mountains sound pretty good to me.

4.  Love this color combo in outfits! I wish I knew what collection the photo was originally from, though. 😦

(I know it’s sometimes hard to distinguish links from regular text due to the sad constraints of preset WordPress themes, but credits are linked through the numbers. Happy goldenrod-ing!)



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