Bringing Kinfolk to My Table


As I carried  a package containing a particular cookbook home, I was surprised  and delighted that it was so heavy. Kinfolk’s new cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, is what I expected in terms of beautiful photos, recipes, and design, but I didn’t expect its length and how much fun it would be reading the many stories of inspiring and creative individuals. Whilst I pored over the recipes, one in particular caught my eye because almost everything on the ingredients list was in my fridge at that very moment! I bookmarked it for lunch the next day and thus, the first of many dishes–the sweet potato hash from the Sussman brothers–born from this cookbook graced my table.


It’s a straightforward recipe with many highly compatible ingredients like sweet potatoes, corn, heirloom tomatoes, and the always-perfect topping of an egg. I didn’t have any onions so substituted leeks, and added tons of cilantro instead of parsley. This is such a good dish for a filling, healthy lunch, but also one that I would be proud to bring to a brunch potluck. I’m itching to try the other recipes (tea poached salmon!) with friends! Thanks, Kinfolk, for this lovely book of delicious treasures.


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