Haiku Fridays | 13


No recipe like
a strong sun and windy roads
to find aching joy.


Mamoo Totes!

Hooray, hooray! I’m so excited I get to finally share these. I mentioned the hang tags I re-designed for Mamoo Kids before, but a much bigger project had been in the works for a while: tote bags!!! When Anna from Mamoo reached out about designing a new line of kid-friendly book bags complete with empowering messages, how could I say anything but yes? All the totes are 100% natural cotton and awesomely handmade in San Francisco. Here they are!

Voyager BlueRobot Red

Whoohooo. My dream is that one day I’ll see some adorable kiddo around SF, sporting this bag filled with his or her favorite books. Check out more photos of the bags at all angles and other colors on Mamoo Kids! Big thanks to Anna for this amazing opportunity. (Aaand, one more design is in the works!)

Color Me | Forest Green


The early darkness has set in, winter is here, and Christmas is coming! And Thanksgiving. But Christmas!! Evergreen, forest green, misty greens, I find that I’m gravitating towards these deep colors with the oncoming chilliness. Hopefully I can get out into some actual nature soon, but ’til then, maybe I’ll just be on the hunt for a nice green sweater or fun house plant!

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