Birthday Scotch

I had been scheming knock-his-socks-off birthday gift ideas for Garrett since December, when while on my usual Pinterest perusal, I noticed myself pinning lots of packaging designs for spirits. Vodka, scotch, gin – I love that there are so many possibilities with design involving all the different, delicious libations and I knew that Garrett loved it too. But it wasn’t until I saw the Migrant whiskey label design and read the story behind it (here), that the idea struck on designing a personalized birthday label for him. Obviously, huge amounts of inspiration were taken from the Migrant design – I just added some fun icons and cheesy puns.

Here are some examples of cool label designs and the final design for Garrett:

Irenekly - Garrett's-Whiskey2

I found this really awesome bottle in some random shop on Piedmont and I’m so glad the end result turned out okay! Printing labels is tricky business, but sticking them on is even trickier. I gave up any notions of perfect smoothness and decided that the wrinkles were intentional to create a more “vintage” effect.

Irenekly - Garrett's Birthday Scotch

Happy birthday, Garrett! I love you and may this next year be filled with lotsa whiskey.

1., 2., 3. 



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