Color Me | Forest Green


The early darkness has set in, winter is here, and Christmas is coming! And Thanksgiving. But Christmas!! Evergreen, forest green, misty greens, I find that I’m gravitating towards these deep colors with the oncoming chilliness. Hopefully I can get out into some actual nature soon, but ’til then, maybe I’ll just be on the hunt for a nice green sweater or fun house plant!

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Eat, See, Make, Wear | Goldenrod

I was going to do a regular “Color Me” post themed with goldenrod to ring in October, but the collection of images I found had such a fun theme that I decided to make a spinoff from the regular series. Here’s some Fall color inspiration of things to eat, see, make, and wear!


1.  City logos. I’ve been thinking about doing something with all the different cities I’ve visited this past year, and I love this particular one.

2.  Mm homemade pumpkin butter. ‘Twould be so tasty generously spread atop some crusty bread.

3.  So I actually don’t know where this man is, or where he’s headed but I’d sure like to be there! Flowery prairies and mountains sound pretty good to me.

4.  Love this color combo in outfits! I wish I knew what collection the photo was originally from, though. 😦

(I know it’s sometimes hard to distinguish links from regular text due to the sad constraints of preset WordPress themes, but credits are linked through the numbers. Happy goldenrod-ing!)

Color Me | Mint

[Color-Me]-MintAutumn is officially here, the air is getting snappier, and adding another layer is becoming necessary, but I wanted to do one last tribute to summer. Mint in its more subtle and gray tones is when I like it best, and when it reminds me of summer most. I love the beginning of any new season, though often times I feel rushed to say a proper farewell to the previous one. I will dearly, sorely miss the summer days of adventuring in Europe, of leisurely reading in sunny cafes, and of justifying two ice cream cones in one day. G’bye, summer! Thank you for being so good to me! (But the Autumn palette is such a good one, I’ll probably be back with a post about that quite soon, heh.)

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Color Me | Patterns


Patterns and prints have been on my mind lately, especially colorful ones. These citrus-y patterns are just so cheery and fun, I’d love to hang some of these on my wall or have them as gift wrap!

1. , 2. Leah Woodpecker , 3. , 4.  Allegro con Brio by Imogen Heath

Color Me | Yellows


Bright yellows always remind me of summer and are so great as an accent color in gray schemes. Here are some different yellows ranging from the more orange-y to the lime-y that have been inspiring me lately!

1.  , 2. , 3. ,  4. 

Color Me | Desert Edition


Last week, the weather was uncharacteristically hot for April in the Bay Area, so naturally I think of desert color schemes. I love how perfectly these two photos mirror each other, it’s kind of amazing!

Photos :
rug, outfit

Color Me: Primary


I saw Jessica Comingore’s post and realized that the primary tendencies are only too true. Looking back on the things that have been catching my eye, I see a distinct pattern of red, yellow and blue (muted and vibrant both). Something nice about going back to the basics–to those primal instincts, heh heh. My personal favorite of the batch is definitely the super cool Ruby Taylor piece, although I would be mighty happy if those Field Notes journals appeared on my desk one day, too.

1. , 2. , 3. , 4. 

Color Me: Blue

I’m getting ambitious and wanting to start yet another series. Things always seem to happen in patterns when they begin catching my eye, and more often than not, it’s around a certain color or color scheme.
So with that, here’s the birth of another series titled “Color Me:” ! Whoop!

Today’s centered around the color blue, because it’s Monday and some folks (i.e. me) are hit with a hard dose of the Monday blues. But! The color blue is in no way limited to being moody or depressing, as seen in the lovely grey-ish blues/deep denim blues below. (Fun fact: my wardrobe is 64% blue variations. That percentage is an estimate.)


1. currently impatiently waiting for my copy in ze mail, 2. how true this becomes more and more in my life. love’s tough because it goes beyond those bounds you set for yourself n other people! ok no more preaching. , 3. this sort of looks like my wardrobe, but mine’s much less cool , 4. i’ve been mm-ing and aah-ing over michael graydon for quite some time now. him and nikole are like beyonce and jay-z gone gastronomically rural.