Birthday Scotch

I had been scheming knock-his-socks-off birthday gift ideas for Garrett since December, when while on my usual Pinterest perusal, I noticed myself pinning lots of packaging designs for spirits. Vodka, scotch, gin – I love that there are so many possibilities with design involving all the different, delicious libations and I knew that Garrett loved it too. But it wasn’t until I saw the Migrant whiskey label design and read the story behind it (here), that the idea struck on designing a personalized birthday label for him. Obviously, huge amounts of inspiration were taken from the Migrant design – I just added some fun icons and cheesy puns.

Here are some examples of cool label designs and the final design for Garrett:

Irenekly - Garrett's-Whiskey2

I found this really awesome bottle in some random shop on Piedmont and I’m so glad the end result turned out okay! Printing labels is tricky business, but sticking them on is even trickier. I gave up any notions of perfect smoothness and decided that the wrinkles were intentional to create a more “vintage” effect.

Irenekly - Garrett's Birthday Scotch

Happy birthday, Garrett! I love you and may this next year be filled with lotsa whiskey.

1., 2., 3. 


Mia + Tim Continued

Thought their gorgeous wedding is now long past, I finally got around to shooting some of the other fun elements I designed for Mia and Tim’s special day. One of the special touches at their reception was having a s’more pit, where friends and family gathered around for gooey, sweet fun and afterward could take home a s’more kit as a wedding favor! S’more love, indeed.





P.S. Had to go flower-hunting for this shoot, which happily led me to the Oakland Flower Market! Dangerous to be living so close to it, but I sense some future flora-related endeavor containing the word “wreath.”

Color Me | Mint

[Color-Me]-MintAutumn is officially here, the air is getting snappier, and adding another layer is becoming necessary, but I wanted to do one last tribute to summer. Mint in its more subtle and gray tones is when I like it best, and when it reminds me of summer most. I love the beginning of any new season, though often times I feel rushed to say a proper farewell to the previous one. I will dearly, sorely miss the summer days of adventuring in Europe, of leisurely reading in sunny cafes, and of justifying two ice cream cones in one day. G’bye, summer! Thank you for being so good to me! (But the Autumn palette is such a good one, I’ll probably be back with a post about that quite soon, heh.)

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Color Me | Patterns


Patterns and prints have been on my mind lately, especially colorful ones. These citrus-y patterns are just so cheery and fun, I’d love to hang some of these on my wall or have them as gift wrap!

1. , 2. Leah Woodpecker , 3. , 4.  Allegro con Brio by Imogen Heath

Oh My Gouache

I just can’t resist the puns. Especially when it comes to goauche, a medium I’ve been exploring more of lately. It works so well on kraft cardstock and I love how the colors turn out. Here are two different projects, one newer ,one older, that I did for gifts.


Some of my favorite gifts to receive/give are journals. I made this personalized one out of the Moleskine Kraft journals  (like these ones) for a dear friend.



This was a quick, random fun one I did exploring different color schemes and patterns. I’m still getting used to using gouache, but here’s to more practicing!

Summertime Funtime

Sorry for the absence on the blog! I’ve been mostly away from my computer the past week and a half due to some adventuring, but am glad to settle into a more quiet routine til the traveling craziness starts up again. I’ve got numerous projects up my sleeve I’m super excited about, but until I can show you those, here’s a photo from a camping trip I recently took with some dear beloved friends AKA the Game Crew. Yes. We play games together (think Settlers, Pinochle, etc.)



Living Words | 6


I haven’t done one of these in a while! Coming back from the last Chapter Camp (an InterVarsity conference away in the woods to wrap up/ring in ends and beginnings) I am reflecting on several truths, and how often I’m tempted to live out in the opposite of those truths. As transitions have come and are coming, I can make decisions out of fear, out of self-protection, out of self-doubt. But I don’t want to be spurred on out of fear. Instead, I want to choose into things bravely, knowing that there is a perfect Love that already has deemed me as worthy to be loved perfectly.

Four years!


Yes. Today is officially the last day of my undergraduate experience at UC Berkeley. I feel…weird. Happy weird, sad weird. But mostly, I want to celebrate! I want to celebrate all the beautiful and great people I met whilst here, I want to celebrate all things learned and realized, and I want to celebrate with ice cream sandwiches! So. I’m hosting a little gathering and I made this little invite for it, inspired by washi tape and subway tiles. I’m excited to come back and post more photos from the night!

Save the Dates!



My beautiful cousin is getting married this September and it was my absolute joy to make these Save the Dates for Mia and Tim. Not only are they wonderful to look at, but they’re such good, caring people! This is my first foray into doing official wedding-related graphic design and to my not-surprise, I love it. Here are two of four designs I came up with. Can you guess which they one they picked?

Their photos were done by John Plus Louise photography and what a great job they did! If you’re interested in getting some graphic design work done by me, contact me at My rates are very reasonable! Shameless plug, sorry! :})