Lately Listening | Cool Covers by Cool Ladies

Recently, Garrett and I have been quite into awesome covers done by talented ladies like Ellie Goulding and Daughter. Here are two of our favorites!

I am truly impressed with this cover! Good one, Ellie. I’m a big fan of Alt-J (“triangles are my favorite shape” rings so true for my life!) and I’ve heard several versions of this song and Fitzpleasure, but I think Ellie’s is my favorite.

I love that Daughter’s cover brings in this interesting tone for this song, taking “getting lucky” to an ironic level. If you love Daughter, her cover of Perth/Ready for the Floor (GENIUS mash-up), might also tickle your fancy!

Hope you enjoy!


Lately Listening: Small Black/Gillian Welch

Yes. Two completely unrelated musical artists in one post, but I have perfect occasions for both to be playing with the volume waay up in the background.

Small Black’s No Stranger came on the radio while the 6:28pm sun was blinding us as we maneuvered the bumpy roads of Adeline and 61st.  The wind was sweet and warm, and Garrett and I were well into our first official day as “graduates.” It never felt more like summer than in that moment. They sort of have the same effect that Bombay Bicycle Club has except they would incur different types of dance moves methinks.

Okay here’s the curveball. Bluegrass, what?? Yes. See, on this same Monday evening, Garrett and I were driving to have dinner with our lovely friends Ryan and Colette (hey, you cool cats!). They always cook up some smashing lebanese meal–this night it was bottomless dolmas–and after we polish off the last bit of chocolate whoopie pie, etc. we begin the music-making. Last time, Ryan busted out his accordion and dang, that thing is heavy but crazy beautiful! Naturally, that was because we were doing some Beirut covers. But this time, we kept it more folksy, probably because Gillian’s sorrowful crooning was melting our bones during dinner. Seriously, I was surprised at how perfect this Appalachian music-inspired lady’s tunes were with our dinner and conversation. Give it a try!

Lately Listening: HAIM / Foxygen

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I will compensate by putting two in one! Not the newest of the new, but definitely bright and shiny and incredible. If I could be in any girl band, I’d pick HAIM in a heartbeat. They’re a band of sisters, all with awesome names (Este, Danielle, and Alana) so I would have to change my name to something like Irena. Anyway. HAIM sort of reminds me of Michael Jackson because of their quick, crisply annunciated diction but the similarities end there. Here’s one of my favorites by them:

One thing I love about their music videos (besides general styling of everything) is their triangle formation. Triangles are my favorite shape.

Okay, now Foxygen! I have less to say about them cause they’re more a recent find for me, but I am intrigued. I hear different things about them, but I am digging this song. I guess today’s Lately Listening posts both feature bands from California! West coast best coast, anyone?

Lately Listenings: Churches

Churches hail from Glasgow and though their second single was released only in September, they’re already rising in popularity. I first heard this song first on some XM radio station in Garrett’s car right as he was about to drop me off. As soon as it came on, he pulled over, turned on the emergency blinkers and announced that we were going to have a dance party. And what a dance party! Their electro-pop song, “The Mother We Share,” has beats you can’t help but move to. Take a listen and have your own dance party!

Lately Listenings

When “I Will Wait” came out, I felt it in my bones that the rest of Mumford & Son’s new album would be a good one. Garrett bought the vinyl right when it came out and we took a nice long listen to the whole thing sprawled on the floor while reading the lyrics, which were handwritten in lovely cursive over the vinyl sleeve.

There were five that became fast favorites, and one of them is “Not With Haste.” So good! So great!

Do not let my fickle flesh go to waste
As it keeps my heart and soul in its place
And I will love with urgency but not with haste

We also recently watched Big Easy Express, and oooh! To have been able to see them at one of their stops! Edward Sharpe is a riot. This documentary will definitely make you want to jump on a train and own a loose thermal dress thing to run around barefoot in.