Learning Flora


I follow several florists’ Instagrams and blogs and oh, do I envy their job! Getting to work with all sorts of flora/botany and making masterful artworks out of them sounds like a dream. I got bit by the flower-arranging bug (sounds like it could be a real aphid-looking like bug) while being a bridesmaid for a dear friend, where we did all the centerpieces, bouquets, andĀ boutonnieresĀ on our own with fresh flowers from the SF flower mart. Another one of our friends loved our arrangements so much, she asked that we do the centerpieces at her own wedding reception! I wish I had more opportunities to do flower arranging, or at least more access to a bounty of fresh flowers, but maybe that’ll happen sometime in the future. I am hopeful. šŸ™‚
Images found here:

Poppies, ranunculusĀ