Living Words | 7



Reflecting on the reality of never-changing truths in the midst of much movement.


Living Words | 6


I haven’t done one of these in a while! Coming back from the last Chapter Camp (an InterVarsity conference away in the woods to wrap up/ring in ends and beginnings) I am reflecting on several truths, and how often I’m tempted to live out in the opposite of those truths. As transitions have come and are coming, I can make decisions out of fear, out of self-protection, out of self-doubt. But I don’t want to be spurred on out of fear. Instead, I want to choose into things bravely, knowing that there is a perfect Love that already has deemed me as worthy to be loved perfectly.

Living Words | 4


Good Friday. A day when 2,000 years ago, the skies went dark after a certain Man was hung on a tree. A day where I am reflecting on where the goodness was to be had on that dark Friday.

Photo by me a couple months back.

Living Words | 3


This week’s Living Words is actually a lettering project my roommate and I spontaneously embarked on a random night. This passage is particularly resonating with me as I feel like so much is going on that’s out of my own power and control. But the joy of the Lord can give me strength! His joy strengthens me!


Living Words | 2



This one is a bit simpler than the last, but they’re also words that have been resonating with me as I’m thinking more about post-grad life and other big life transitions that will be happening in this coming year. Sound of Music is one of my most favorite musicals and this song is so achingly lovely. As change comes, I hope that I will never stop blooming and growing wherever I end up! It’s also a good acknowledgement that I am never done blooming and there is always room to grow. Okay that was very cheesy. But I really feel it and hope for it!
Living-Words-2The photos was taken while strolling around the neighborhood. Nothing says Spring like trees sprouting flowers!


Living Words | 1

I am going to stop with this scattered posting. I will commit to blogging more regularly because there is so much joy to be shared!

So. To keep myself accountable, I’m starting a weekly series called “Living Words,” where I’ll be taking some words or phrases that have been giving me lots of life and oomph lately and create a creative image/lettering project/something with it. I’ll keep it vague and open-ended like that for now, but I’m excited to challenge myself to create these on a consistent basis. There are certain words that do good for the soul and are always welcome reminders, and hopefully this project will be a way to remember those words. Any suggestions? And also, what are some words you’ve been really loving lately?



From Psalms 139:9-10. Photo of my sister taken by me on January 1st, 2013.