Haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I thought I’d share the muted tones that have been on my mind lately. I’ve been trying to live more simply these days (which basically means less clutter, less need of more stuff) and perhaps that’s why I’ve been drawn to monochromatic schemes. Though I can’t deny that pop of color which always seems to complete things!


Whilst in Cambridge

Today is the hottest day in the UK recorded in 7 years! I thought I would get the full English summer experience complete with scattered rain, but it looks like LA summer weather has just followed me here. Nevertheless, I appreciate how many of the locals still manage to look put together and chic as they ride around on their bikes. I had to include a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag into this set, of course, as well as a nice dog-eared copy of Macbeth. My Shakespearean drama course will start next week and I’m so excited for it! Watching Macbeth at the Globe last night got my nerdy adrenaline running for more Shakespeare fun. Hope everyone’s staying cool as cucumbers!

Chicago Style

I finally got to visit my beautiful kindred spirit Diane in Chicago last week, and I was so happy to be reunited with her! We share many loves, one of being taking photos of each other. Haha! But really. I love taking photos of this girl because she just looks so great! Especially her style. For example:




I miss her already! Also, isn’t her bag so wonderful?! The color is gorgeous.
From the first outfit:
Shirt – Urban Outfitters
Pants – F21
Bag- Royal Republiq



And some shots of what I wore whilst in Chicago:
1. Skirt from Steven Alan, Frye boots
2. Madewell Shirt, J.Crew pants, and Marc by Marc Jacob bag.

Headshots of a Beaut




Got a chance to take some headshots of my absolutely lovely friend, Sarah. I like to call this series “Future President of Everything.” Still very much learning on how to use my camera, but it’s been such a fun process! Thanks, Sarah, for letting me photograph you!!

Studying Gear

finals week
It’s time for finals. This semester is ending and man, it’s a bit torturous to think that there are 36 pages in the way of me finishing. (Well, more like 20. The other 16 were completed this past week, whoop!) I guess I will just be going out with a bang! I’m trying to savor these last few times of paper-writing, researching, and studying, but who am I kidding. It will feel so good when it is Thursday and all my finals are over! And then it will feel really sad when it’s Saturday, and it’s commencement time. Oh, the sweet and sourness of graduating!
This outfit is dedicated to finals studying time, when all I wear are basically leggings and comfy stuff.  I actually have that enamel cup (from West Elm) and I am definitely drinking gallons of sencha green tea from it!

Not Just Feeling Twenty-Two


I’m beginning to love Cinco de Mayo more and more. Birthdays are sometimes tough, because they’re ridden with high expectations to have a bomb-diggity day, and most often those expectations are entwined with a bit/in my case, alot of sneaky entitlement. But this year I have had such a blessed time celebrating. I celebrated with the beautiful friends that I am undeservedly blessed with, I celebrated with gusto because I am thrilled to be alive and well, I celebrated because I have been fortunate enough to see, hear, smell and know the beginnings of twenty-two. I felt free to celebrate because I’m realizing more and more that all that I have has been graciously given by a Father that loves so, so well.

Even though this picture is unflattering and my chin protrudes with a tad too much enthusiasm, I hope this is the posture I can take in many of the different transitions that will come this year. In unrelenting joy, in unabashed freedom, in true gratefulness. Thank you all, and all thanks to You!